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  • I'm having some Internet problems and its causing me to double post double post when I'm not trying to. so please. try to understand.
    Hey PLC, I'm reviving TPR with a new focus on RPs. Come check it out, it's going to be awesome!

    I am contacting you in regards to the Frontier and the system you have worked out. I would appreciate it if you would send me the details on the Ranking criteria at the least for that system.
    Also, we just selected our first Brain and since you seem open to your group participating in the Frontier I would like to set a promotional thread up in Team Aero for the upcoming UU Tournament so they are aware of the event and the perks of joining.

    What are your thoughts on this?
    Glad to hear that you're doing well in college. After thus summer, I'll be on my third year before going to a 4 year.

    Sorry that I abandoned Aero. I just couldn't handle the drama of all the social groups. I would like to help somewhat (I have other things planned this summer, so I won't be the greatest help).

    I just wanted the reassurance that one of the most level-headed social group leaders was still my friend. Glad to see that you are. Like I said, I'll help out with what I can.
    'Tis been a while, PLC. How have things been for you? I hope you are enjoying the peace as much as I am now ^_^
    Geography, russian, english and literature. Russian will be tomorrow and mind's already 90% destroyed by our grammar...
    I would like to know the system you have in mind for your alternate ranking and how that correlates with the Frontier. What would the criteria for a rank-up be? How many ranks/steps would there be in this? I am leaving these decisions up to you as I do not know what would best fit Team Aero.
    I would like to know the sysytem though
    If you insist upon the creation of a new system to foster the Frontier, then I will accept. However, I am happy to tailor the ranks system with that of Team Aero--the ranks do not have to be uniform. What works for one group will not necessarily work for another.
    thanks for giving me a chance to prove my worth with Aero. If there's a 2-2 wifi tournament comming soon, I like to take part in the 2-2 division.
    you do have a point there. Another thing I like to ask, you looking forward to Pokemon X&Y?
    You may already know this. But, the way bs thinks, he always thinks he has to be on top. He may be the manipulative tipe with an ego problem. so, I would advise you use his ego against him. any Ideas?
    Let me refine my question: how many ranks are there in Team Aero? I would like to set up a ranking system for beating Brains in the Frontier. What is your opinion?
    Regarding the Frontier I have a proposal to make. But first: how does your Rank system work? If you do not want to VM this then please PM me the answer.
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